Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Morning Daydreams

Oil Stick On Paper

h: 50 x w: 38 in

$799.00 + Shipping

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Even as a child I found the notion of God to be a very silly idea not all that different from Unicorns or the Easter Bunny. Regardless of my doubts I was nonetheless dragged to Mass every Sunday. To keep myself from getting too bored and thus increasing the likelihood of misbehavior on my part I used to sit there and daydream about being a Vampire King. Our house had a real problem with bats when I was a child. As a result I became fascinated by them which ultimately led to childhood obsession with vampires and things that go bump in the night. This painting is inspired by that childhood desire to be a Vampire King flying around the cavernous insides of the church.

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  1. I find the picture very intriguing and the essay enlightening