Sunday, June 20, 2010


Acrylic On Paper
h: 14 x w: 11 inches


  1. Hey Brian, like the new works.. No worries about the Creative Alliance opening, good luck with your move back to PA! Also, I think Miles is really talented from Bravo's Work of Art, however, I didn't like how he interupted and knocked Trong's work when no one asked for his opinion.. made me like him a little less. Good luck at PAFA, keep in touch. -Kenny

  2. Thank you! Honestly I think I'm more excited for PafA than anything I've ever done. I've been up to Philly a couple times since I got in and much to my Father's chagrin I'm really starting to like it. It's interesting that what bothered you about Miles is what makes me like him. I hate how they all stand there so silent, like an audience. I wish more of them would participate. But as someone who has had a crit with me this probably isn't all that revelatory. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I will definitely stay in touch. Enjoy the rest of your summer!