Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where I'm Going Is Where I've Been but Not Quite The Same Way

I feel like my work has grown so much in the past year, I can't quite fathom how I've gotten to place I'm at but I have a really good idea where I'm going. One of the things I'm planning on exploring is taking a more deliberate and plotted approach to creating my work. I plan on doing this by starting out with more specific drawings and then using an opaque projector to transfer the drawings to the surface. I'm also planning on utilizing masking to create harder lines in some portions of the work. I've created hard lines in the past but in this case I'm going to be strategic in where I'm creating these hard lines so as to have them integrate with the content more successfully. I hope this new avenue that I'm opening up will lead to a more concise dialogue between myself and the work. This is my first sketch for this new body of work. The piece, once completed, will be 8 feet high by 12 feet wide and be titled, "The Lost Phoenix Saga."

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