Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy American Hinamatsuri!

In Japan on March 3rd they celebrate a holiday known as Hinamatsuri. On this holiday family's place a series of ornamental dolls on a shrine in their house, they do this to honour the contributions and value of girls within the family unit. The holiday is also known as girls day. I think that America needs an equivilant holiday so I am hereby instating March 8th as American Hinamatsuri! Girls and women make extraordinary contributions to our society every day but because we live in a society that cherishes short term thinking and quick solutions over patience and dignity these accomplishments often go unrecognized. We trumpet the accomplishments of women when they excel at activities that we identify with masculinity. It's ironic that the first woman to win best director at the Academy Awards won for a war movie. I think that we need to teach women and girls that they don't have to sacrifice feminine identity to be cherished. We need to understand that the whole human spectrum is to be celebrated! Be it women in the board room or men as homemakers. Too often America's short sighted approach has led to greatness but not longevity. I hope that American Hinamatsuri! can change that by instilling in all people the value of all types of expression. So take today to show the women and girls in your life that you appreciate them for who they are, whatever form that takes at any given moment. Thank You!

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