Thursday, January 21, 2010

Built a Fort, Set it on Fire

Mixed Media and Collage on Paper
h: 72 x w: 144 in
$2500.00 + Shipping

As a teenager I struggled with extremely severe depression. Everyone around me either told told that I was too young to be depressed or treated me in a patronizing manner with flimsy examples within their own lives to try and tell me that they had an inkling of what I was going through. Eventually I had an art teacher who herself had experienced horrific trauma as a child. She was the first person who I felt truly understood that what I was going thru was extremely serious and was neither dismissive nor patronizing in our discussions. Although this period was extremely difficult I look back on it fondly now, because I know it was me beginning to exit the heavy fog of depression that had defined so much of my youth. This painting is inspired by that sensation of pain and pleasure, sadness and joy that those memories evoke within me.

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