Sunday, November 22, 2009

See You on The Riveria (Dusted On Decadence and Depravity)

Acrylic On Paper
h: 48 x w: 75 in
$750.00 + Shipping

When I was eighteen I spent 2 weeks traveling around France. At that time I had hair halfway down my back, dressed like a homeless person and had what could only be described as an abject hostility toward bathing. To put it bluntly I was a libertine in the truest sense. Despite my persuasions I nonetheless did appreciate the finer things in life and thus was staying in the most chi-chi of accommodations. One particularly burley night I happened to fall asleep in the lobby of one of the said hotels. I cannot imagine the ire I must have produced in the other guests. Despite all of this the hotel staff seemed to be absolutely enamored with me. I attribute this to a combination of my enduring charm and good fortune as well as an appreciation on the part of the french for a more aesthetic lifestyle. Either way I still can't believe the life I've lead.

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