Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Mixed Media on Paper

h: 73 x w: 123 in

$1150.00 + Shipping

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When I was in college a bunch of my friends worked at a pizza place as delivery guys. I used to sit at their all nite smoking clove cigarettes and talking with them between delivery runs. At the end of the nite we would often hit up a bar for last call and eventually drive to one of their houses out in the country. It was miles from anywhere and we would sit on the porch, get high and bullshit all nite. Inevitably we would make our way back into town to hit up Denny's and ultimately drive half crazed back to the country wherein we fell asleep where ever we could find a spot, Cold hard floors didn't seem that bad back then. This painting deals with those nites and how we romanticize the past and make it better and more vivid and "real" than it actually was. I know those days weren't as great as I remember them, they were actually pretty strained probably as a direct result of those sleepless nites, but I don't care. I will always remember them fondly.

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