Saturday, August 29, 2009

a Few of My Favourite Things 08/29

I want to start a new series of posts focusing on works of art other than mine own. Works both contemporary and classic, works that inspire and awe me. I hope these posts shed a little light on mine own work as well as my process. I welcome comments and hope these posts can create and further a dialogue about the work in both general and specific terms.

Caravaggio's The Conversion of St Paul

I thought I would start out with something maybe less obvious but nonetheless something that is very close to my heart. Caravaggio's The Conversion of Saint Paul is an absolute Masterpiece, with a capitol M. This work is one of the best examples of Caravaggio's exemplary use of light. I think there is a tendency to focus on the skewed perspective with this piece but what is often taken for granted while focusing on this is that without the shadows and the light that perspective disappears. Not to change subjects but some of Pablo Picasso's best work does just that, flattens the plane by removing the shadows. In that way Caravaggio laid a ground work for modernity by pushing the boundaries of perspective through the use of light. Although this work is often characterized by it's hyper-realism, the work is actually more surreal than real. By eschewing the traditional composition Caravaggio shows us a moment so short that a camera (the most modern of devices) would struggle to capture. This work's modernness cannot be disputed.


  1. love the post but I have one question...what is the difference between real and surreal. I am sure I could just say surreal,that is just different from real but there must be a more definitive definition

  2. looking for more my favorite thing