Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter's Valley Collective Work June 2009 B

Charcoal On Paper
h: 22 x w: 30 in

This is one of twelve drawing created by myself and my fellow classmates at an artist's workshop this past weekend (June 5 - June 7 2009) at Peter's Valley Arts and Crafts Center in The Poconos near Bushkill Falls. We each started a different drawing and over the course of one day we exchanged drawings and added to them. The purpose of the exercise was to force us to stop viewing the drawings as precious and therefore not be afraid to take creative risks. Although I was afraid to give up my drawing at first in the long run I was inspired by what my fellow classmates brought to each drawing, especially mine own. Since the drawing ultimately were a collaborative effort and thus were not anyone persons drawing we drew straws at the end of the weekend to determine who would keep each drawing, therefore, as this drawing was not done entirely by me I have no intention of selling it in any form. Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow artists and our great teacher Moe Brooker for making me into a better artist and for being great friends that I will always cherish.

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