Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Little Indians

Acrylic On Canvas
h: 24 x w: 30 in
This particular body of work is a return to my roots, both literally and figuratively. I have always, at my core, been a pop artist. My work has always in one way or another always been loud, brash and colourful and I have always been drawn to and inspired by similarly bombastic artists. At the end of the day if my work doesn't Pop off the canvas I feel I have failed. It is with that said that I have begun this body of work that is in a way an attempt, possibly futile, to merge my high art with my low art. In addition to the work I have shown here I have always also done other work that leans heavily on my earlier days spent as a grafitti artist. This work has existed primarily in micro-run tees and hoodies that I have produced. It is my goal to combine some of what I have been doing in that work with what I have been doing on canvas and have been showcasing here. It is work that is influenced by growing up in the Reagan 80s, listening to both hip as well as heavy metal and overdosing on Mtv and You Can't Do That On Television. The mashup of signals my brain recieved made me the person I am today and I hope that is reflected in this work.

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