Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Times of Love and War

Multi-Media On Board
h: 20 x w: 16 in

This is part of a new series of mixed-media works entitled "Patterns Emerge, Over Time... Yeah" This work explores the fetishization of Now. We live in an era of unprecedented technological wonder. Technology allows people to connect more easily than ever. This opens doors both good as well as evil. The economic and cultural gains of India and China would never have been possible even twenty five years ago. However, the flip-side of these times is 9/11 and hyper-sexualization of children in the form of online pedophiles and the current rage of sexting. The generation making choices that effect every person on this planet is beyond inept when it comes to understanding both the challenges as well as the opportunities of this new day rising. Our fate is in our hands like it has never been before. We face both hurdles as well as options that no generation prior has faced. It is this weird, wild and amazing time that this new work explores.

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